HP Selling New PCs with Windows 7 Again

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Have you been thinking about buying a new computer, but you can't stand the idea of dealing with Windows 8 and its lack of a true Start menu? Apparently, you're not alone and the PC companies are hearing your cries, starting with the folks at HP.

"Back by popular demand," new PCs running Windows 7 instead of the Live Tile touting Windows 8 are being sold again by HP. This is being offered both on the desktop and on the notebook PC side of things, so if you'd prefer to have the previous generation operating system loaded right out of the box, you're covered. To further sweeten the deal, HP is also offering up to $150 in savings when you customize your new Windows 7-powered PC through their online store.

The Windows 7 regression isn't being offered clear across the entire HP product line, however. While you can clearly see the banner on the front page, clicking through on that banner sends you to the search page for "sevenpcs." There, you'll find the HP Pavilion 500-205t desktop, HP ENVY 700-215xt desktop, HP ENVY Phoenix 810-135qe desktop, Pavilion 15t-n200 notebook and ENVY 15t-j100 notebook loaded with Windows 7 with prices starting at $479.99 after savings.

This might be an indication that we're in for another "leapfrog" generation, just as many people (myself included) skipped Vista, going straight from XP to Windows 7. We could be leapfrogging straight to Windows 9, which could be revealed later this year for a formal launch in 2015.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: We've been informed that HP, among other companies, has been continuing to sell Windows 7 PCs this whole time and it's only the "up to $150 off" promotion that is new. Sorry for any confusion.


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