Early rumors suggested that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 would come equipped with an iris scanner as a security measure. The Korea Herald has shot that rumor down and replaced it with reports of a different security feature: a fingerprint scanner.

According to their source, an iris scanner would be a pain in the neck not only to implement but to use as well. As much as I love anything that makes me feel like a spy, it’s hard to disagree with the notion that scanning your iris with your phone in a wide variety of public situations would be ridiculously inconvenient.

A fingerprint scanner, on the other hand, would make for a much simpler affair, one that only requires a simple finger press into your phone’s display and wouldn’t look or feel any different than using a touchscreen just like normal.

However, website Phone Arena presents its own rumored specifications, a set that includes a 2K QHD display, 20-megapixel camera, and a “state of the art iris sensor.” They also claim that there will be a wide range of health accessories and that the phone will be made of plastic, not the previously-rumored metal.

It’s always possible that the phone will include an iris scanner, but it won’t be used for security purposes. The emphasis on “health accessories” suggests different uses for the scanner.

The Korea Herald (as well as Korean publication ET News) also claims that the S5 will feature better “Air gestures”. The S4 currently allows users to scroll through web pages, accept calls, and perform other tasks by performing these gestures without having to touch the screen.


In another bit of S5 news, the company is once again revamping its TouchWIZ UI and the new look, which borrows heavily from the recent PRO tablets, will likely debut with their upcoming flagship phone. An assortment of pictures has leaked that show off what the interface looks like on a smaller smartphone screen.

A lot of the elements feel lifted from Google Now, but since Google doesn’t allow that, it seems that Samsung is creating those elements from the ground up and emulating the search engine’s software assistant.

Presented as “cards,” the new UI brings important information – flight status, fitness and location data, text messages, delivery tracking, etc – to the homescreen. With S Voice capabilities, Samsung is poised to take on Google Now and Siri.

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