Zotac is proud to bring StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for this year’s Zotac Cup. Gamers, it’s time to impose your will on the entire country. Zotac has created a dedicated server just for the Blizzard StarCraft II Cup. Every Saturday starting as of May 7th, you can compete to win $100.

Keep in mind this is a tournament, so there are better prize to be had for your mad skillz. Zotac have enlisted the help of Kingston and Cooler Master. These three industry titans will be offering Zotac GeFore GTX 570 AMP! Edition GPU and $100 for first place. Second place will a Kingston 96 GB SSD and an 8GB Kingston DDR3 memory kit. Third place brings up the rear in placement, but not in prizes as this player will receive a customized Cooler Master case complete with Zotac imagery.

Zotac has been hosting game tournaments like this since 2007. They have all been very successful for both Zotac and gamers alike. Once again you StarCraft II masters: get your practice time in during the week, because come Saturday, it is time to play!

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