As much as it sounds like a bad action movie, the threat of cyber attacks is very real, to the point where our world leaders are now taking precautions to protect us from such an occurrence. The US and Russian governments are re-purposing an old Cold War-era hotline for the purpose of keeping each other in the loop regarding suspicious cyber activity.

The agreement, which was finalized Tuesday at a G-8 Summit held in Ireland, states that the two countries will inform each other of any hacking or cyber attacks they fall victim to, in an effort to stay on top of cyber crime.

These updates will come in the form of regular updates about cyber threats that originate in the US or Russia. Most of the sharing will be done electronically, but the hotline will be an option for direct, secure communications.

If things escalate from there, we call in John McClane. Or did everyone already forget the crazy plot to Live Free or Die Hard?

via The Verge

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