Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something so completely out there you’re not even sure how someone thought of it, much less why. I’ve been sitting here in amazement trying to figure out what to write about this…it’s not every day you get to write about video games that only work while you’re actively urinating. Which is actually a good thing, now that I think about it.

Anyway. Captive Media is introducing a line of video games that can be used with existing urinals in men’s restrooms. The games are controlled when you change the direction of your stream of urine from side to side, and you can play them as long as your stream will last. There are several games to choose from, all with names like you’d expect…such as Hosepipe Hero, which is a firefighting game.

The system comes with a 12-inch LCD screen, a PC, a proximity sensor, and bottom-mounted sensors that detect where the stream is splashing. Yes, it’s waterproof. I know you were wondering. Scores are stored on a central server, so you can challenge your friends or just try to best yourself. The idea here is to sell the system to bars, where typically people spend an awful lot of time in the restroom. The old adage is true, after all: You don’t buy beer, you rent it. Of course, with video games on the urinals, you might soon end up seeing the men’s room busier than the women’s. Weird, huh?

This part makes me giggle…when no one is near, the screen will display advertising provided by Captive Media via the internet (you’ll need to provide a broadband connection), but changes to game mode when the proximity sensor detects someone approaching. Think about that. What good is advertising if it only shows when no one is there to see it? I suppose it would depend on how close one has to get to the urinal to trigger the switch.

Currently, this gaming system is not widely available. Captive Media is demonstrating it at The Exhibit in London while they look for more clients, advertisers and game developers. They’re looking at early next year for a wider rollout. The thing is, even though I can’t stop shaking my head over this one, I cannot tell you how many guys I know who will think this is a brilliant idea.

Source: Gizmag

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