It was only earlier this month that I reviewed the Nite Leash and Nite Collar. These are handy light-up LED dog safety products that are great if you ever take the pooch out for a walk when it’s dark outside. And now, they’ve already come up with version 2.0 of both the leash and the collar.

One of the first things that will strike you about Nite Leash 2.0 is that they’ve moved away from the fiber optic “channel” technology found in the previous models, opting instead of a series of individual LED lights. This allows for greater flexibility in the leash itself, but it also means that you can have lighting through almost the entire length of the leash. This is true with one of the updated Nite Collar 2.0 models as well, though the pastel series is still using the light channel. Another notable change is that the handle portion of Nite Leash 2.0 that you hold now has a rubberized grip on the inside. That lets you keep a better hold on the leash in case Fido wants to run amok.

In my earlier review, I mentioned that it was a bit of a hassle to replace the batteries on the Nite Leash and Nite Collar, because you had to break out the tiny screwdriver. This has been addressed with version 2.0. Now there is a round unit built into the leash and collar that easily screws off, giving you easy access to the two batteries found within. It was still a little finicky getting things to line up properly, but this is worlds easier than the first version.

The Nite Leash 2.0 is a little more expensive at $32.95 each, but you are getting an upgraded product with more lighting, better materials and better access to the battery compartment. Check out the photo gallery below for more pictures.

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