In an effort to send everybody into the weekend with some cheery, uplifting news, here’s TurboRoo, a Chihuahua born without front legs who can now go for long walks on the beachthanks to a 3D-printed cart.

TurboRoo’s owner, Ashley Looper, posted an online fundraiser to gather donations for a walking apparatus. Mark Deadrick, president of 3dyn, saw the cry for help and, using the posted photos for size reference, printed the a bright orange cart body and slapped on some rollerblade wheels.

This is just one of the many possible benefits of 3D printing. Of course, a cart could have been fashioned without the technology, but it would have been much more difficult, taken much more time, and may have been costly.

The most exciting thing about 3D printing is that we don’t realize many of the possibilities until we’re confronted with an issue, like a cute little two-legged Chihuahua who just wants to go for a walk.

via Tech Crunch

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