Look, 3D printing is great and all, and yeah, I’m sure you can find some older posts where I freak out about this “wonderful technology,” but let me just say what we’re all thinking: plastic is for suckers. Chumps. Like many of my long-haired, mascara-wearing friends, real geeks love metal.

Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing – or ADAM, for short – is the technology that powers the new Markforged Metal X, which prints objects using powdered metal that’s hardened under massive heat. Right now it can work with two different types of stainless steel and soon the company will be using aluminum, tool steel, and titanium. The team at Markforged is currently building a motorcycle from scratch, which is a hell of a test run.

Now of course the printer is well out of consumer reach with a $99,000 price tag, but it’s an exciting development not just for potential applications, but also because as with all technologies, somewhere down the line something like this could wind up in your office.

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