Everyone is trying to save money, cut back on expenses, help the environment, and in general leave a smaller negative impact on the world, right? One of the hardest things to do is control how much power various devices use when not actually in use. This would be a great way to track your power usage so you can adjust accordingly.

I should warn you, this was a concept planned by Fujitsu before the earthquake and tsunami, so while marketing was supposed to begin next month, it’s unsure if that will still be able to happen. They might have a couple of other things to worry about first, and my thoughts are with them.

How it works is really pretty neat. The 1500w power strip has four outlets that will track power consumption for each one individually. It can be hooked up to your computer via USB 2.0 to show you how much power is consumed right on your screen, in real time. They are also planning a gateway unit that will be able to gather information from several power strips so an entire company can see its power usage. According to Fujitsu, a company’s power usage can be reduced by as much as 15%, which as we know can translate directly into money in your pocket.

The initial target consumer will be businesses, but I’m sure you could get one or more for home as well. Expected cost of the power strip is around $125.00 US, while the gateway unit will run between $550.00 and $620.00 US.

Source: CrunchGear

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