Roughly a week ago, Nintendo began investigating claims that manufacturer Foxconn, who builds components for Nintendo, hired underage workers to work in one of their facilities in China. Nintendo’s investigation determined that Foxconn was indeed using underage labor, which violates the Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Guidelines. While this is a very serious matter, I challenge you to say that five times fast.

Thankfully, Foxconn seems to have stepped forward and taken full responsibility and quickly rectified the situation by removing all underage workers. Oddly enough, Foxconn also has a policy against hiring underage employees, so I suppose we’re to assume that they simply forgot.

According to Nintendo, they’ll be keeping a close eye on the facility to ensure that their policies aren’t violated yet again. This seems to be just another bad mark on Foxconn’s already less-than-stellar record of shady employment practices and only time will tell if the conditions truly improve in any permanent fashion.

via The Verge

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