Today, nVidia very quietly took the wraps off a new GTX 460 variant known as the “SE”. This card has 288 CUDA cores running at 650MHz graphics clock and 1300MHz processor clock.  It has a 256-bit frame buffer interface with 1GB GDDR5 running at 3.4Gbps. It should be priced the same as a current GTX 460 768MB version and will be available shortly from the world’s leading add-in card partners.

Here’s a quick Q and A from nVidia for those that are panicking about just picking up a GTX 460 768MB or 1GB version…

What is the 460 SE?

The GTX 460 SE is the latest great gaming GPU from NVIDIA, designed to provide an outstanding gaming experience for the price.

Why are you launching this?

We are launching the GTX 460 SE to provide more options for our customers.  Many consumers love the price/performance offered by the GTX 460 768MB but would prefer a larger frame buffer.  The GTX 460 SE provides this option.

What product does this replace?

It does not replace a product.  It is an addition to our product line-up.

Are you adjusting the prices of other 460 products?


What is happening to the GTX 460 768MB?

It will remain in the marketplace.

What is the performance?  How does it compare to other 460 products?

In general, the GeForce GTX 460 SE performs similarly to the GTX 460 768MB. The GTX 460 768MB is the best choice for shader or tessellation heavy applications. The GTX 460 SE is a better choice for applications that are more memory bandwidth intensive.

Why did you call this product GTX 460 SE instead of using a new number like GTX 455

The GTX 460 SE will deliver a GTX 460 class gaming experience.  Using a number like 455 would imply a worse gaming experience which is not really accurate.

What is the closest competitive product?

The GTX 460 SE will provide a substantially better DX11 gaming experience than the Radeon HD 5770.

Will this be sold at Best Buy?

We have no plans to sell an NVIDIA branded GTX 460 SE at Best Buy.

What partners are selling this?

All major partners will be carrying the product, though availability may vary by region.

So there you have it. Everything you wanted to know about the nVidia GeForce GTX 460 SE but where afraid to ask. No need to panic if you’ve just picked up your non-SE GTX 460. Carry on.

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