The best way to protect your system from crashes, viruses, or loss of data is to create frequent backups. This can be time consuming and annoying if your back server is slow and bottlenecked in some way. The solution is simple and obvious. When you need professional grade equipment such as a NAS/data server, have the professional build it. Thecus TopTower NAS Series is your way to ensure you get quality products to protect your personal stuff.

It’s a simple principle no matter how you implement it. Put your personal data and things you can’t afford to lose in another location away from your computer with direct Internet access. If you get a virus, have a massive system crash, or hardware failure, you don’t have to sweat it. Simply replace your broken hardware and restore your system with your last backup. Need a full OS reinstall? No need to worry as your music, movies, and family photos are in your Thecus TopTower NAS.

The TopTower N6850, N8850, and N10850 are professional grade servers for your home. Centralize your data in one secure location that you can access anywhere from its 10 Gb Ethernet connection using RAID to ensure your data is blazing fast and fail safe. Then with 6, 8 or 10 HDD bays you can customize the power and storage space you need.

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Thecus® TopTower NAS Series Expands Opportunities

Thecus® rises up, rackmount performance within a tower design

April 11th, 2012 – Not everyone can possess a rackmount NAS. If you don’t have the specific infrastructure, it’s not really convenient. However, it’s apparent that everyone requires more and more storage space and file sharing! That’s why Thecus® came out with a brand new tower series with 6, 8 and 10-bay NAS. Each has been designed to be flexible and ideal for specific business network architecture.

TopTower N6850: Versatile Storage Solution

Thecus® is known for releasing NAS of uncommon size to meet customers’ needs. Between the already best-selling N5200XXX and the famous N7700 series, the N6850 perfectly fills the gap.

Featuring an Intel® Pentium® G620 Dual-Core 2.6GHz and 2GB of RAM, this NAS can pile up to 18TB of data capacity. With this power, advanced RAID levels such as RAID10 or RAID50 can be enabled and won’t suffer from CPU lag: not only is your data more secure, but transfers are even faster!

Ideal for multi-users, the N6850 is a premium choice for SMB users willing to centralize their data.

TopTower N8850: Perfect Balance

The previously released N8900 has been acclaimed by the press and Thecus® received a lot of positive feedback. Except one slight issue: what if I need more power in a tower form factor?

Problem solved! The N8850 is an 8-bay tower NAS embedding an Intel® Core ™ i3 and 4GB of RAM. This unit is perfect for demanding businesses requiring frequent and simultaneous tasks at high speeds.

TopTower N10850: Behold Raw Power

The biggest Thecus® tower NAS by far, the N10850 is here to answer multiple needs within your enterprise, while centralizing all the requests and applications.

To do so, Thecus® equipped it with no less than an Intel® Xeon® E3 Quad-Core 3.1GHz and 4GB of RAM, which already performs well on the N12000V and N16000V. It’s not a dream: power before was limited only to servers inside data centers but now it’s accessible in a simple tower NAS!

Hosting virtual-machines, application serving for dozen of users, web hosting, heavy backup operation, advanced RAID levels, and so on. The TopTower NAS Series has been designed to bring what’s best in the most convenient format!

Different Yet Similar

The TopTower NAS Series are all 10Gb Ethernet ready and include USB 3.0 slots to eliminate possible bottlenecks. Featuring HDMI output, touch panel convenience, 10GBASE-T, this series is ideal for heavy data management utilizing transfer speeds of 10GbE. In addition, they all benefit from the McAfee® AntiVirus and provide the necessary software protection by scanning the files on your NAS and defending it against possible threats.

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