You're an Android user and you love your phone, but you also look enviously upon all your friends with their iPhones and iPads. It's not that you think iOS is a better platform. It's that they've got an Italian plumber running around on their Retina displays. You won't have to wait that much longer, thankfully, because Super Mario Run for Android will launch officially in a couple of months.

This somewhat formal announcement comes by way of Nintendo's Twitter account, indicating that Super Mario Run for Android is already listed on the Google Play Store. You can't buy it, download it or pay for it just yet, but you can register for updates so you'll be among the first to pony up the $10 for the full game.

As we noted with the metareview of the iOS version, Super Mario Run is fun but imperfect. It understandably lacks some of the depth you find in a proper Mario platformer, but it does offer some interesting dynamics to go beyond the same old infinite runner scheme.

Let's a go? I'm not sure if I'll pick it up, but I'll definitely name Animal Crossing Mobile (or whatever they end up calling it) whenever Nintendo gets around to releasing that. Can you imagine playing Animal Crossing with Pokemon GO-like location-based adventures? Would it be weird to go to an actual physical location, surrounded by all your fellow players, to "attend" a K.K. Slider concert?

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