Scooters are pretty much everywhere, aren’t they? But they’re really only good in summer (or at least not in winter), since their little tiny wheels tend to get bogged down in snow and slush. Now there’s a scooter you can use year-round, because it features skis as well as wheels. Neat, huh?

The Street and Snow Scooter has an adjustable handlebar and slip-resistant foot plate, and has an aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware. It comes with polyurethane inline skate wheels, but with just a couple of twists from a wrench and a hex key, you can swap those out for a pair of HDPE skis. It also has a rear-wheel fender brake that can be changed out for a rear-ski fork brake so you never have to worry about stopping when you need to.

When extended, it measures 31? L x 14? W x 36? H, but it will fold down to 29? L x 4? W x 8? H for easy transport when you’re not riding it. Even though it’s sturdy enough to support riders up to 140 pounds, it only weighs five pounds itself. It’s recommended for ages five and up. You know you want one, don’t you? Put one on your wish list…it can be yours for just $99.95 US. Which if I’m not mistaken is right around what you’d pay for a scooter that will only be able to take up space in your garage all winter long.

Source: Geek Alerts

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