As I sit here writing this post, a thunderstorm is slowly rolling through. I’ve been hearing the long, rolling thunder for about a half hour, and the wind just died down in preparation for the big blow. According to radar, the bulk of it will stay north and south of me, though… which makes me sad. I love thunderstorms. When I was a kid, I got in trouble constantly for going out to stand in the yard during them, because my mom was afraid I’d be struck by lightning. But they do something good for my soul; if I’m awake I’ll watch them for hours, but if I’m asleep it’ll be some of the best rest I’ve gotten.

Smart Cloud understands people like me. They also understand that while a good thunderstorm is a gift from nature, sometimes nature is stingy with her gifts. Because what Storm Cloud does is put a thunderstorm, sans rain, in your house. The Cloud is made from hypo-allergenic fiberfill over a sponge casing which houses all the electronics necessary to make it work. It’s got motion sensors, and can also be operated with a remote. You can choose to just have thunder and lightning, or you can choose to stream music through its speakers via Bluetooth (still with the light show). It has lights in various places to simulate in-cloud lightning, and the thunder recording sounds almost exactly like what I’m hearing through my window right now.

Of course, like everything else I come across that absolutely demands I own it, Smart Cloud is way out of my price range. At $3,360.00 US, it’s out of most people’s price range, I bet. But I still want one. Having a thunderstorm available at my fingertips whenever I need one is actually pretty invaluable.

Source: Red Ferret

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