One of the things I like about fall is the proliferation of space- and energy-saving gadgets for back to school. Because if you’ve ever been in a dorm room, you know space is a commodity that cannot be overvalued. You also know money is tight, and the average college student prefers not to spend money at the laundromat that could be spent on other things. All of which can easily apply to people who aren’t in school as well, of course.

What’s neat about the Laundry POD over some other space-saving washing machines is it requires no electricity whatsoever. Which means you aren’t limited to using it in your dorm room or apartment…it can go anywhere you go! Camping leaps to mind…wouldn’t it be neat to have clean clothes while camping? It’s even good for use in pretty much any climate (assuming you don’t leave water sitting in your POD long enough to freeze). The POD measures just 13” x 14” x 14”, which means you won’t be able to wash very many articles of clothing at once, but it also means storing it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Laundry POD uses under 5 gallons of water per load, compared to standard washers which can use as many as 50 gallons. All you do is place the POD on a stable, level surface and make sure the drain valve is closed. Fill the POD about halfway with water, and add detergent (about 1/5 what you would normally use). Then place up to 10 garments in the POD, lock the lid, and let them soak for 3-5 minutes. After soaking, turn the handle on top slowly for 1-2 minutes to agitate, then open the door on the side and aim the hose into something where the water can drain. When the water stops flowing, turn the handle quickly to spin out any remaining water, and continue spinning until the water stops completely. Close the valve again, and fill with water until your clothes are submerged. Lock the lid, and turn the handle again for 1-2 minutes, then drain and spin again.

That’s it. You’ve got clean clothes! Once the water is all spun out, you can hang your clothes to dry however is most convenient for you. Even if you have a washer and dryer of your own, Laundry POD is good for those delicate items that can get ruined in a washing machine, or for quick washing a few items when you don’t have enough to run a full load.

These are available in three colours (white, green and gray), for $99.95 US each.

Source: Walyou

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