The advent of the Internet has drastically changed the way we play videogames and while it’s mostly for the better, there are still those select problems that could understandably cause someone to long for the olden days of gaming. A steady, reliable Internet connection has become mandatory for most gaming nowadays, but if the problem lies with the servers, it’s effectively out of your control.

Gamers were once again reminded of this over the holiday break as a hacker group calling themselves The Lizard Squad took down both PSN and Xbox Live with coordianted denial-of-service attacks. This meant that gamers who wanted to play online or otherwise use the online services – such as to spend PSN or XBL points they received for Christmas – were unable to do so. Microsoft were able to get back on their feet quicker than Sony, but Sony is now offering reparations to those who were affected.

If you had a PlayStation Plus account before the attack, which occured on Christmas day, you’ll be getting five extra days of the service, which will be automatically added to your subscription sometime in the near future. In addition, all PSN members will be receiving a one-time coupon for 10-percent off of any PSN purchase, again available sometime this month.

Hopefully this means something to those who were upset that they couldn’t play online, especially if they were on break from school. And if you’re like me and you didn’t even try to use the network, you just made out like a bandit.

via The Verge

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