Sonos supplies consumers with wireless sound systems that let them blast high quality music from their existing devices all around the home. Unfortunately, iTunes users have always had to jump through some hoops and were always somewhat tethered to their computers if they wanted to play music from their iTunes library. The newest software upgrade for Sonos hardware includes the ability to play your iTunes music directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as long as you have a Sonos speaker or player.

The process is simple. Update both your Sonos system software and Controller apps. Make sure that your iPhone (or iPad or iPod) is connected to your home network. Launch the Sonos Controller App and you should see your iTunes songs, along with your playlists and podcasts, as a music source.

Of course, your music will be played with the same Hi-Fi quality that Sonos always delivers. They've always been a powerful contender in the home audio market and this latest inclusion just further cements that status.

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The latest software upgrade helps you play even more music, quickly, in deep, richly textured HiFi sound. Sonos now plays your iTunes music direct from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch anywhere there is a Sonos speaker or player. No more syncing your Apple mobile device with your computer just to hear your iTunes music on Sonos (iOS 6 required).

Reach your music with three easy steps:

Update your Sonos system software and Sonos
Controller Apps

Ensure your iPhone is on the home wireless network and launch the Sonos Controller App

Go to the main music menu

Now, as a music source, you'll see your iTunes songs, playlists and podcasts are all available to play on Sonos under "This iPhone."

All your iTunes music, now direct from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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