It’s been a while since I’ve found an alarm clock I think might actually work, but I really think they’re onto something here. As I’m sure you know if you’ve been reading me for any length of time, morning is not my friend. I can do it, but it usually requires at least two alarms set at different times with different tones (I think of them as my “you should start waking up”, “you really need to get up now” and “GET OUT OF BED YOU IDIOT” alarms). The louder the better, really, and I absolutely cannot wake up to music…I’ll just incorporate it into a dream.

The SingNshock alarm clock does wake you up with music, it’s true, but it adds a dimension not previously thought of: electric shock. Not enough to do you any harm, but certainly enough to get your attention and make you think twice about going back to sleep. Perhaps I’m more open to the thought after having spent time with electric stimulation in physical therapy, but I think this is brilliant.

The way this is designed, there is a large aluminum button on top of the clock, which is how you turn off the alarm. So far, so good, and nothing out of the ordinary. However, the button is also designed to deliver a small electric shock when you press it. Don’t worry, the shock is measured in millivolts, and is described as less than what you’d get if touching someone after dragging your stocking feet across carpet. The shock feature can be turned off if you’d rather…but then you might as well just buy any old alarm clock.

The clock itself will feature a digital touch panel on the front, and a slot so you can insert a 32GB SD card with your music (it is not a radio). This will be a battery-operated gadget, and the touch panel will indicate battery level so you’re not left sleeping due to it wearing down. The exterior body style will be available in six different colours, and will include LED lighting along the sides in a variety of colours to be controlled by the user.

If you haven’t figured out by now, this is not currently available. The designer, Sankalp Sinha, is currently considering Kickstarter to crowdfund the project, as well as reaching out to individual investors and manufacturers. All of which says to me this could very well see retail shelves sooner rather than later.

Source: DigitalTrends

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