One of the ads that comes up on a game I play on my phone is for an app to track my boyfriend by installing an app on his phone that will tell me exactly where he is at all times. Apparently, they are under the impression that I would waste my time dating someone I didn’t think I could trust. Me, I have no use for such a thing, but unfortunately I know a number of people who would think it was a good idea… which leaves their significant others wondering who might be tracking them and when. If that was me, it would make me feel very creepy (not to mention leading to an immediate end to my relationship).

If you’d rather not deal with the mess associated with breaking up with your other half (why is beyond me, but whatever), MIAmobi has what seems to be the perfect solution. These nifty little pouches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but all of them have one thing in common: they block all RF signals to any device you choose to put inside. Of course, the downside to that is that they block all RF signals to any device you choose to put inside. However, if you’re truly paranoid (or are dating someone who is), missing a few calls might be worth knowing your every movement cannot be tracked, right?

Pricing on these has not been made public, so you’ll have to contact the company directly to find out how much this peace of mind will cost you.

Source: Red Ferret

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