We’ve all seen them…taxi drivers who apparently care not one whit for the lives and limbs of themselves, their passengers, or the people around them. Granted, they’re not all like that, but the stereotype definitely came from somewhere. Me, I’m partial to taxi drivers, mostly because it’s been over two years since I had a license to drive. But then I have three drivers I know personally and rarely have to roll the dice on having dispatch send me someone.

If you aren’t as lucky as me, however, you’ll see the need for this. Heck, I see the need, even though I would never report one of my boys. This is a free app for your iPhone (not available for Android yet that I’ve been able to find) from the App Store. It’s easy enough to use…just download the app, and then if your driver does something out of line all you have to do is enter their medallion number (or take a picture of it) and choose which reason you’re reporting them. Some of the reasons seem silly to me, but then I tend to be a little more lassaiz faire about things. What’s nice is you can also use the app to give praise where it’s due, so it’s not entirely negative (although human nature being what it is, I’d bet my next paycheck the vast majority of reports they get will be for a driver who did something wrong).

Here’s the second limitation, in addition to this being for iPhone only: it’s only available for New York City. I shall assume that while Android and Blackberry versions of the app are in the works, they are also planning to add more cities at some point as well. It’s something to keep an eye out for, anyway.

Source: Red Ferret

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