Now this is why I got into tech writing. Don’t get me wrong. I love computers and gadgets and any electronic gizmo under the sun, but if you asked me why I like to write about tech, I will tell you it’s because I get to write about cockroaches producing electricity in their bellies.

Utilizing a process in which sugar naturally produced by a death’s head cockroach is broken down by enzymes, scientists have enabled a cockroach to generate 100 microwatts per square centimeter at 0.2 volts. That may not sound like a lot of electricity, but when you compare it to the amount of electricity usually generated inside of a cockroach’s abdomen, which is none, it becomes a lot more impressive.

What’s even more impressive is that the female cockroach that had electrodes inserted into its blood sinus was unharmed by the process. This means that the bugs may be able to withstand some sort of permanent implant.

Now, if you didn’t read that story and immediately envision a high-tech cockroach army, then we probably wouldn’t get along very well.

via Gizmodo

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