The Robojelly is really a hell of a thing. It’s a biomimetic robot jellyfish that’s designed for underwater search and rescue missions. And if that isn’t cool enough for you, it powers itself using the hydrogen from the water that it swims in. The hydrogen reacts with platinum-coated carbon nanotubes located on the Robojelly’s flexible “muscles,” generating energy that allows it to move through the water. The device itself has a bell design like that of a jellyfish (hence the name), and as the bell contracts and relaxes, it expels water, which in turn propels the Robojelly. With the hydrogen-powered design, the Robojelly could theoretically operate forever off of an infinite supply of energy.

I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds of practical uses for a device like this and with the device generating its own energy, I imagine the operating costs would be next to nothing. We need to start getting these into the oceans ASAP to prepare ourselves for a potential Cloverfield situation.

via The Verge

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