Well, how do you like dem apples? Or something to do with some other fruit that’s grown in Canada. It will surprise no one that in terms of global market share, Google’s Android OS continues to be the biggest dog in the yard, followed by Apple’s iOS. Lagging some distance behind but firmly holding onto its bronze medal placing is Microsoft’s Windows Phone (plus Windows 10 Mobile). But what about fourth place, just off the podium?

For quite some time there, BlackBerry and its suitably named BlackBerry OS was able to hold its own as the fourth most popular mobile operating system on the planet, but it has apparently now been usurped. The little alternative OS that could, Tizen OS by Samsung has now leapfrogged BlackBerry to grab the fourth place spot. We have to remember that, up until recently, Tizen was really only used on supplementary devices like smartwatches and it was only earlier this year that the first Tizen OS phone was released in India.

By many accounts, the increased development of Tizen OS within Samsung is in an effort to move just a touch away from the restrictions of the Google Android ecosystem, particularly when it comes to low-cost models for emerging markets. It looks like this strategy is working as the market share for Tizen OS continues to grow, even if phones powered by the OS are rarely seen outside of countries like India.

Even BlackBerry is seemingly giving up on its own smartphone OS, since the new BlackBerry Priv is powered by Android too. Given this, the market share for BlackBerry OS will continue to dwindle, making more room for Tizen and even other alternatives like Firefox. Of course, for most of us, it’s still mostly a two-horse race between Android and iOS… and both Samsung and BlackBerry are firmly ensconced in that battle too.

Via Strategic Analytics

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