Summer is here and with that comes a flurry of warm weather activities, notably camping, where one can get back to nature, rediscover his or her roots, and experience other barbaric things that terrify a techie like me.

So what do you do if you’re out there in the wilderness for days on end, miles away from technology? You bring the technology with you! Obviously I’m not telling you to lug your desktop computers and your 3D televisions with you. Companies do recognize that technological advancements can help in a plethora of ways, even when you’re trying to get away from technology. Here’s an assortment of gadgets that should make your camping trip a little more tech-friendly.

BioLite CampStove

A portable camping stove that uses only renewable resources for fuel and also charges your USB gadgets? It sounds too good to be true, but this tech-loving, carbon footprint-reducing foodie’s dream is very real. It’s called the BioLite CampStove, it retails for $129, and will cook your food, boil your water, and charge your gadgets using only the wood that’s all around you.

Heater Meals

The BioLite CampStove is beyond awesome, but you won’t even need it with Heater Meals, which are completely contained, self-heating meals that can provide you with hot food in even the coldest temperatures. Sure, the second entry in my article somewhat eliminates the need for the first entry, but these things were far too cool to not throw in here. As an added bonus, after you’re done cooking and you’re enjoying your (presumably) delicious meal, you can use the bag as a body warmer.

5 LED Remote Control Tent Light

Nobody likes stumbling around in the dark, and since tents don’t have light switches, that’s oftentimes what you’ll end up doing as you look for your light source. Lanterns can be bulky and flashlights can be a little tricky to situate with their directional beams. The 5 LED Remote Control Tent Light is the ideal light: it can be hung from its magnetic hook or set on the ground, it offers 360 degree illumination, and it can be controlled via remote control, so you can turn it on and off from the comfort of your sleeping bag. The remote hooks to your keychain too, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Flip N’ Drip Coffee Maker

While I’m not one for caffeine, a lot of people can’t begin the day properly until they’ve had their cup of joe. Making coffee on a camping trip is never as easy as it is in your kitchen, but this coffee maker is pretty close. Simply fill it with hot water, slap on the reusable coffee filter, and flip it upside down to get your coffee brewing. Once it’s all dripped through, just twist of the mug and enjoy! The simple nature of the device lends well to other hot drinks, like tea.

CamelBak All Clear Water Purifying Bottle

Now we’re getting really fancy. The CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle not only holds your water, but it purifies it using UV technology situated in the impact and weather-resistant cap. Fill the bottle using whatever source you come across – a tap, a spigot, or even a stream – and sixty seconds later the water should be drinkable. One cap charge will treat 80 cycles or 16 gallons.

There are undoubtedly more camping gadgets that techies would love, but we’ve got you started, getting you supplied with food, water, light, and precious coffee. Now you don’t have to be so scared when leaving your house for the cold, unforgiving world of the outdoors.

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