Samsung has made something of a declaration regarding 2014: this is the year in which they establish tablet dominance. Those are big words in a market where multiple versions of the iPad reign supreme, but Samsung is no slouch and their offering at CES 2014 seems promising.

They revealed two tablets, one of which comes in three sizes. The Galaxy NotePro offers a whopping 12.2” screen and makes it the largest mainstream tablet available. The TabPro comes in three models: 8.4”, 10.1”, and, again, 12.2”. Samsung claims that the larger size brings with it a 16:10 ratio and the tablets can display news and social media updates on the homescreen.

The tablets will be aimed at both business and pleasure users and the NotePro will use the S Pen stylus. Both tablets will also come equipped with Remote PC and WebEx conferencing software.

via The Telegraph 

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