In celebration of the upcoming Streaming Day, which will be Saturday the 20th, Roku polled watchers of streaming content (are they called streamers?) in the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico to find out what they like to watch, who they trust for recommendations, and more.

There's some interesting stuff in there, like how only 17% of people trust their partner or significant other when it comes to viewing recommendations. Almost 54% of people said they trust their friends, which is honestly lower than I thought it would be. They're you're friends! If you don't like what they like, why are you friends?

Commercials make a big impact on viewing habits, which is exactly what they're designed to do, so no surprise there. People are twice as likely to share a good TV show or movie than a restaurant or travel experience. This is the generation of Netflix and Chill, after all.

Favorite quotes are always fun. The highest ranked TV quote is Joey Tribbiani's "how you doin'?" from Friends, followed by Seinfeld's "no soup for you!" and Homer Simpson's timeless "d'oh!" catchphrase. The highest ranked movie quote was "may the force be with you," because of course it was. Dirty Harry's "go ahead, make my day" and Taxi Driver's "you talking to me?" came in second and third.

Check out the this nifty infographic below! And come Saturday, stream until your eyes bleed!


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