We all know that Android O is coming. Now we know a bit more about some of the new features that the latest version of Google’s platform will deliver. Over at Google I/O 2017, a few key highlights were showcased in anticipation of Android O’s official arrival later this year.

The first is simply called Picture-in-Picture. This is different from the split window view that we already have on some smartphones and tablets. Instead, you know the current video gets shrunken down to a smaller window when you hit “back” inside the YouTube app? You know how you can keep browsing for other videos while the current video continues playing in that little window?

Picture-in-Picture works the same way, except it works when you hit the home button on your phone. Things like Google Maps, Netflix and YouTube will continue playing in a little window in the corner while you go ahead and do other things. “A lot more” apps will support this feature as Android O gains some adoption.

Another new feature is called Notification Dots. It’s a lot like 3D Touch on iOS. Next to the launcher icons on your home screen, you might see some little dots. These dots, which will come in different colors, tell you that you have a notification associated with that app. Long press the app icon and you’ll see the notification without fully opening the app.

You can also expect the expansion of Autofill beyond Chrome, smarter text selection for copy and paste, Google Play Protect to scan for dangerous apps, and overall performance boosting optimizations that’ll extend battery life and free up available memory.

As you might already know, the developer preview has been available for a couple of months, but now the first beta release of Android O can be downloaded by the general public too. Of course, betas can be rife with bugs so proceed at your own risk and discretion.

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