The brand may be unfamiliar to most of you, but you should probably keep this brand in mind. ROCCAT (Pronounced “Rocket”) is a German peripheral designer that is coming to the US for the first time. As promised, they made their US debut at CES 2012. In the announcement article I highlighted the features that stand out, so let’s focus more on the bonus they brought to the party.

ROCCAT has already promised to release the Kone+ gaming mouse and Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard this year. We know now the target date is mid-February. What we didn’t know before is they will have a third running mate in the Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset.

The ROCCAT Kave has ear cups featuring three 40 mm speakers for front, rear, center, and sub channels. These are angled at 12 degrees in the cup to ensure the audio properly simulates direction of the sound preasure. These headsets have full control over each of these channels via its volume control unit that rivals high-end speaker sets. This headset, like other high end headsets, fully intends to replace your speakers for gaming or maintain that high quality level when you take these to LAN parties or tournaments. This is clearly the intent as the headset folds up for easy transport complete with removable mic that features a LED indicator for when mute is on.

In my previous article on these items, I was unclear on what the unique and innovative ROCCAT Talk feature on the Isku keyboard and Kone+ mouse performed. Well ROCCAT stated at CES 2012 this feature allows the keyboard to control mouse features such as DPI changing. For example you could hold a key on your Isku gaming keyboard to temporarily lower DPI on your Kone+ mouse for sniping. This should be more comfortable than a mouse button providing this feature as your right hand can relax until you pull the trigger.

Even if these don’t revolutionize the peripheral market, I don’t see ROCCAT failing. Unlike other companies that have joined this market to diversify, this is what ROCCAT actually does. This is a peripheral company with years of experience providing great products in European market. At the least I see these great items finding a home here in the US due to their high quality, years of refinement, and competitive design.

More details below, including links to the ROCCAT website product pages.

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ROCCAT™ Studios Reveals Details for US Launch of Professional Gaming Peripherals

German gaming peripheral designer unveils keyboards, mice and surround sound headsets hitting the US market for the first time at CES 2012.

ROCCAT Studios, a Germany-based manufacturer of professional PC gaming devices and equipment – today revealed the full details of its expansion into the US market. Already a legendary brand for legions of pro gamers in Europe and Asia, ROCCAT™ enters the US gaming peripherals market with some of the world’s most advanced gaming engineering. Beginning in mid-February Amazon will begin shipping ROCCAT’s internationally acclaimed lineup of innovative gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and additional accessories. Highlights of the award-winning gaming weaponry includes

Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard – Combining the world’s smartest gaming engineering with jaw-dropping design, the ROCCAT™ Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard hands you the power to own any game. Exclusive ROCCAT™ Talk© protocol allows the Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard and the ROCCAT™ Kone[+] high-performance gaming mouse to talk to each other – giving you a powerful set bonus that lets you execute mouse macros quickly and easily right from your keyboard. Easy-Aim technology is perfect for when your game demands precise marksmanship in sniper mode. Simply press and hold a single keyboard key and Easy-Aim will instantly optimize the DPI setting on your Kone[+]. This two-handed custom marksmanship is the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint sniping accuracy. Available in mid-February for $89.99.

Kone[+] Max Customization Gaming Mouse - The revolutionary 6000 DPI Pro-Aim Laser Sensor, in conjunction with its 10.5 megapixel resolution and 1000 Hz polling rate, offers maximum precision, even transmitting lightning fast mouse movements with up to 30Gs of acceleration and with speeds of up to 200 IPS (5.08m/s) without loss or lag. Building off of the original Kone’s highly touted ambidextrous hybrid shell, the mouse wheel features new, distinctive notch positions that are perfect for gaming, and the wider design makes it easier to control. Thanks to the Easy-Shift[+]™ button, all the buttons – including the mouse wheel – can be assigned two functions doubling the effective amount of macros or functions. Four multicolor LEDs, together with the enhanced light pipes and configurable effects, can illuminate, alternate or pulsate in more than four different colors at the same time. You can configure your button assignments, including macros, DPI settings, the sensor sensitivity level and your lighting settings too, and save them to any one of 5 profiles on the 576 kB of onboard memory. This allows you to customize your mouse to suit individual games. Predefined macro presets for the top 20 PC games as well as several office apps make it even easier to customize the mouse – plus the new Loop Function now makes it possible to loop macros indefinitely. Lastly, a weight system comprising 4 x 5 g weights is included, allowing you to customize the weight in four stages to suit your preferences. Available in mid-February for $79.99.

Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – Realistic 3D sound is crucial to knowing the position of your enemies and winning the battle. Kave 5.1 accomplishes unparalleled immersive sound with 40 mm speakers plus an additional vibration unit, arranged at a 12 degree angle, embedded within each ear-cup. With the accompanying Tip-n-Control Desktop Remote, gamers have easy access to volume control and can precisely customize their desired sound profile based on center, front, and rear channels as well as the bass. A blue LED at the end of the boom Mic indicates when the mute function is enabled ensuring that the days of accidentally giving away crucial information are long gone. Long term comfort is maximized with a headband containing 3 separately bedded pads, which guarantee an equal weight distribution. Available in mid-February for $119.99.


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