I’m sure this is a fine product, but it made me laugh so hard for so long I simply had to do a post on it. Obviously we all can’t afford an actual security system for our homes, and this is a comparatively low-cost alternative. But it’s still hysterically funny to me.

The idea behind this is simple…protect your stuff. When the Burglar Blaster is tripped, it emits a high-pitched wail to remind you to turn it off if you’re the one who is supposed to be there. You can set it for a 0-40 second delay to give you time. If you’re an intruder, however, the non-directional quality of the sound is supposed to make it impossible to know where it’s coming from, which ideally means they won’t be able to turn it off in time. If it is not turned off, it will spray 4 oz. of pepper spray throughout the room, covering 2,000 square feet.

It runs on C cell batteries (not included), so there is no need for wiring. One set of batteries is supposed to last up to four years. It includes both a key switch and a manual on/off switch. It is housed in an aluminum alloy case, and can be painted to match your decor. It can be reloaded with pepper spray with no tools required.

If you think this is for you, you can get one for $600.00 US.

Source: Oh Gizmo!

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