Earlier this year, we partnered up with PAPAGO! and gave away a GoSafe 330 to one lucky winner. If that lucky winner wasn’t you, you now have another chance not only to win an awesome dashcam, but also a $400 gift card to boot. That’s because PAPAGO! has launched a little video contest of their own.

The way that it works is they want you to “submit a storyboard of your video idea via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube by August 31, 2014.” The three best submissions will then be the “winners” of the first part of the video contest, receiving a GoSafe 200 dashcam in the mail. That’s the cool slide-out dashcam that PAPAGO! announced at COMPUTEX 2014 earlier this summer. From there, the three contestants will shoot and edit their one to two-minute video using the GoSafe 200, submitting their creation by September 28.

Finally, the best of the three will be awarded an additional $400 gift card for their efforts. That all sounds pretty sweet to me. Check out the the official video contest page, as well as the embedded video below, for full details on how you can enter. Good luck!

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