According to OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau, the company has sold over 1 million OnePlus 6 units in 22 days, a whole week shy of a full month. The last two phones that the company released prior to the OnePlus 6 each took three months, over three times as long, to hit that same milestone.

Samsung and Apple regularly move units at ten times the pace the OnePlus 6 moved, but they also have the advantage of being Samsung and Apple. OnePlus phones have a lot of things holding them back, like availability issues and an incompatibility with CDMA networks, which means Verizon and Sprint don’t even carry their phones. With all that in mind, it’s an impressive milestone to hit. Good money says that a large portion of wireless consumers haven’t even heard of OnePlus, so what fan base they do have is loyal indeed.

The OnePlus 6 costs $529 and this is a company whose mid-range phones perform way better than their price point suggests. These are solid phones with performance coming close to flagship level with maintaining a solidly affordable price. Is it enough to sway you away from Apple, Samsung, and the like? Maybe not, but to get the sales they do in the face of such staggering adversity, OnePlus is clearly doing something right. Their phones are selling like hotcakes, just not super high-quality hotcakes. They’re selling like casino buffet hotcakes. And let’s not disparage casino buffet hotcakes.

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