Storage limits? What are those? The folks over at OneDrive are asking that exact question as Office 365 Home, Personal, and University users now get unlimited OneDrive cloud storage at no additional charge. The roll out is happening now and will take a few months to complete, but once it’s done, enjoy uploading every piece of data you’ve ever come across to the mystical, magical cloud.

OneDrive Business customers will see unlimited storage listed on the Office 365 roadmap and the First Release customers will get it in 2015. For now, customers can still enjoy their terabyte of storage. Of course, if you don’t need unlimited cloud storage, you can still pay $2 a month for 100GB or $4 a month for 200GB.

This is a pretty awesome development, especially after Bitcasa just shut down their unlimited plans. Where Bitcasa failed, Microsoft will probably flourish, and the consumers will win in the end by having no limit to how many cat pictures they can store online.

via OneDrive Blog

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