Maybe you're really into retro games. Maybe you're like me and you've "invested" more money than you care to admit on NEO GEO classics for the Switch. And perhaps you're more of a Sega fan than a Nintendo fan. Well, it turns out that you're in luck, because Sega is apparently releasing an official Sega Genesis mini console later this year. This looks legit!

Following the astronomical success of the NES Classic and SNES Classic from Nintendo, it really shouldn't be much of a surprise that Sega wants a slice of this nostalgia pie too.

This isn't the first time they've tried to cash in on their retro classics either.

You might remember the Sega Genesis mini console by AtGames back in 2013, as well as a slightly different version with different old school classic games a few years later. In both cases, the user experience left something to be desired with low quality controllers and other issues.

With this new Sega Genesis mini console, or whatever else it ends up being called, the hope is that they'll turn that trend around and make us forget about the AtGames iterations. The photo, brought to us via the Sega Japan official Twitter account, shows off a Mega Drive mini. That's what they called the Genesis over there, after all. Maybe it'll end up being a Sega Mega Drive Classic or something.

It's also unclear at this point whether or not AtGames is once again involved in the process. There are conflicting reports, but if the Sega tweet is to be believed, this little bundle of retro goodness will be released before year's end. What games do you think have to be on here? Altered Beast? Columns? Comix Zone? Gunstar Heroes?

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