What’s old is new again. There’s a Clinton running for the White House. Everyone is caught up in the Pokemon craze. And we’re playing games from the 80s and 90s like they’re the hottest thing on the block. We were recently introduced to the NES Classic Edition mini console, which will boast 30 games for $60. Not to be outdone, Sega is pushing out a Mega Drive mini console that’ll do almost the same thing, except with more games and two wireless controllers.

Well, it’s not exactly Sega per se that’s doing this. They’re partnering up with a company called AtGames to release their own Mega Drive Mini Console. If this sounds familiar, that’s because Sega and AtGames already made another mini console based on the Sega Genesis three years ago. Just as before, the Mega Drive version will come with 80 built-in games to satiate that retro hunger.

Unlike the mini NES, however, this mini console will have a traditional cartridge slot to accept any of those Mega Drive cartridges you might find at the local flea market. And instead of coming with one wired controller like Nintendo’s offering, you’ll get two wireless controllers. Some titles highlighted on the box include several Sonic games, as well as all three original Mortal Kombat titles.

Pre-orders are being taken down for 50 GBP ($65 US) with shipments to follow in October.


Via OC3D

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