The Nintendo Switch is a thoroughly innovative kind of device. You can play it like a tablet with the controllers attached to the sides. You can play it as a tabletop device with your controllers detached. You can play it on the big TV via a docking station. But then you’ve still got to charge those darn controllers and, out of the box, they can’t be charged on their own. The new Nyko Charge Block and Charge Block Pro solve this very conundrum.


It wasn’t all that long ago that Nyko released its Clip Grip Power. This effectively replaced the standard controller grip that came with the console so that you can charge your Joy-con controllers without having to reattach them back to the main console. You could just charge them via the Clip Grip Power.

But what if you’re the type who uses the Joy-con controllers independently, as might be the the case with a multiplayer session of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Death Squared? By default, you’d have to slot those Joy-cons back onto the Switch itself to charge them. No longer!

The Nyko Charge Block for Nintendo Switch provides slots to charge up to four Joy-con controllers at the same time. You simply slide them in and that’s it. The Charge Block Pro is designed for the Switch Pro Controller and works in much the same way. Both new Charge Blocks are compatible with the rest of the Charge Block line from Nyko, allowing you to daisy-chain multiple units together for a multi-console charging station. So, if you already have an Xbox One One, PS4 and PSVR, this works with their respective Charge Block chargers too.

That’s pretty convenient!

Both the Nyko Charge Block and the Charge Block Pro are available now for $19.99 each. Find them for sale on Amazon, Gamestop and

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