As you're probably aware, the entire western half of the United States (and probably more areas that I regrettably am unaware of) is experiencing a horrible drought. California has decreed water restrictions that are helping, but there are just some areas where water consumption doesn't seem able to be reduced. Like showers. Sure, you can try to take shorter showers, and instead of spending your time in there just standing you can make sure you're always actively washing, but still... water usage.

Did you know the average person uses 20 gallons (75 l) of water during a typical shower? That doesn't really seem like that much until you think about a gallon of milk. Twenty of them? That's really quite a lot! Part of the problem is how much water comes out of our shower heads at a time, and this is the main aspect of water usage Nebia has developed its shower to reduce.

Instead of releasing large drops of water, the Nebia Shower atomizes the water into tiny mistlike droplets, giving you plenty of water with which to wash while at the same time greatly reducing how much water you actually use. How much? The Nebia Shower takes the average shower from 20 gallons all the way down to six (22 l). It's even got multiple nozzles, so the mist hits various parts of your body simultaneously rather than having to rely on the water from above your head running down.

The Nebia Shower is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it has received more than 10 times the amount of money they were seeking with almost a month left to go. If you'd like one, you'll have to pledge at least $299.00 US, and if all goes according to plan they'll be shipping in May 2016.

My question is this: How does it do for washing hair? I have ridiculously long, ridiculously thick hair, and even my low-flow shower head has trouble soaking it. I suspect for people like me, having a Nebia Shower would mean getting used to washing our hair in the kitchen sink again. But that still uses less water than washing it in the shower, so it's still a good idea. Especially since I don't wash my hair every day, so I'd still be saving water with every shower.

According to Nebia, the San Francisco firm who developed it, the shower is easy to install and does not require a plumber. Essentially all you're doing is replacing your existing shower head with the Nebia Shower, which rotates up to 45 degrees, can be adjusted for height, and comes with a handheld wand.

Source: Gizmag

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