MSI has decided to up the ante on all X79 motherboards by releasing their new flagship X79 motherboard. This may be the first time I can honestly say I think this board is over engineered. If you think I am joking, let me introduce you to the MSI Big Bang XPower II X79 Motherboard.

Lets start with the obvious and basics of this motherboard. It is an Intel X79 chipset socket 2011 board for the Sandy Bridge-E CPU. It supports up to 4-way SLI/Crossfire, 8 DDR3 DIMM slots for up to 128 GB of RAM in quad channeled design, with MSI’s Military Class III components. The Mil Class III means this board only uses solid Hi-c CAPs and MSI’s DrMOS II for thermal protection to ensure long life of this motherboard.

The over engineering starts with the 22-phase PWM which a Hybrid Digital Power that can delivery up to 770 Watts of power. This is to prevent voltage drops or underpowered PCI slots in the event you use 4 GPUs. While the GPUs themselves are powered directly by your power supply, the Big Bang XPower II has an additional 6-pin connector to give an extra 150W of power to the PCIe slots themselves. The CPU is then given an extra 8-pin connect to deliver up to 300W of additional power to the most power hungry Sandy Bridge-E chip.

The whole Big Bang XPower II system is rounded out with everything an extreme gamer will need including voltage check points, easy access power/reset buttons, BIOS switch, and switches to turn off a GPU without actually removing it. There is also an Direct OC button that will change the CPU BLK by 0.1 MHz intervals. If you are looking for a great overclocking platform or a top tier gaming motherboard, look no further.

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For Xtreme Only – MSI Big Bang-XPower II
Featuring 22-phase PWM design and the support of 4-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFire technology

Leading mainboard manufacturer MSI announces today the official release of the Big Bang-XPower II, a flagship mainboard based on the Intel® X79 Express chipset! Featuring the latest PCI Express Gen 3 standard and 4-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFire technology with 8 slots of Quad-Channel memory to achieve extreme performance, the Big Bang-XPower II mainboard also adapts a 22-phase PWM design with Hybrid Digital Power, and incorporates dual 8-pin CPU and single 6-pin VGA power connectors to reach Xtreme Power Design. With the introduction of MIL-STD-810G certified Military Class III components, the Big Bang-XPower II comes equipped with extreme materials such as the Hi-c CAPs for CPU power supply. In terms of extreme overclocking, the Big Bang-XPower II provides PCI-E CeaseFire for easily turning on/off graphics card slots and maximizing overclocking performance. Several convenient technologies are also provided including V-Check Points, Direct OC and Easy Button 3. With extreme performances in 4 Xtremes, the Big Bang-XPower II is the optimal weapon for enthusiastic overclockers to break world records!

Xtreme Standard: 4-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFire with PCI Express Gen 3, 8 DIMMs of Quad-Channel memory

The MSI Big Bang-XPower II supports the latest PCI Express Gen 3 standard, delivering a staggering 32GB/s of maximum bandwidth, doubling that of the previous generation. Extremely powerful 3D performance can be achieved via 4-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFire multi-GPU processing technology. Furthermore, the Big Bang-XPower II supports up to 8 DDR3 memory modules to reach a staggering capacity of 128GB! The MSI Big Bang-XPower II adapts the latest and most comprehensive specification for computer players to break overclocking world records.

Xtreme Power Design: 22-phase PWM design with Hybrid Digital Power; dual 8-pin CPU and single 6-pin VGA power connectors

The MSI Big Bang-XPower II is the first in the industry to use a 22-phase PWM design with Hybrid Digital Power to deliver up to 770W output, 2.4 times the reference 9-phase design! With dual 8-pin CPU power connectors, an additional 300W power is provided for intensive CPU processing. Additionally, an extra 150W of power is provided via the single 6-pin VGA power connector, boosting the performance of the 4-way NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFire multi-GPU processing technology.

Xtreme Components: Latest Military Class III components with All Hi-c CAPs for CPU

The MSI Big Bang-XPower II introduces the latest Military Class III components that include Hi-c CAP, SFC, Solid CAP and the world’s leading next generation DrMOS – DrMOS II! The innovative double thermal protection introduced in DrMOS II is integrated to ensure the longest life of components. In order to provide the most reliable experience, all Military Class III components have passed MIL-STD-810G certification. Moreover, the All Hi-c CAPs for CPU achieve optimal electrical performance and helps withstand the installation of a powerful heat sink for extreme overclocking. It is a design that emphasizes both high performance and stability.

Xtreme Overclocking: PCI-E CeaseFire, Direct OC, V-Check Points and Esay Button 3

The MSI Big Bang-XPower II adapts many extreme overclocking features. The PCI-E CeaseFire can turn on or off graphics cards through an easy switch without physically removing the cards, providing great convenience especially during multi-GPUs platform tests. The Direct OC button can fine-tune the CPU BCLK frequency down to an interval of 0.1MHz, which is key to breaking overclocking world records. The convenient V-Check Points allow users to read voltage values directly from CPU/memory/chipset with the use of a multi-meter. The onboard Easy Button 3 can easily turn off power and reset the computer without the need to externally connect any auxiliary devices.


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