The smart watch market has been full-to-bursting with hungry competitors for some time, with a new story coming seemingly every other day about someone else throwing their hat it. It could stand to get a little less crowded, so maybe it's good that we're getting one less device now that the Verizon model of the LG Watch Sport has been cancelled.

The LG Watch Sport was supposed to come in two versions, one for AT&T and one for Verizon, but the Verizon model was initially delayed. Now the watch has been cancelled outright, and all references to the device on LG and Verizon's websites have been deleted.

Verizon is of course offering refunds for pre-ordered watches, but they're also offering those who pre-ordered a $100 credit towards other smartwatches it sells, which is pretty generous on their part. They do offer a variety of watches that use Android Wear 2.0, like the LG Watch Sport would have, so you still have options.

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