While this is just a rumor as of right now, it looks like the Microsoft Surface Tablet will only launch with a Wi-Fi version available. Neither Microsoft’s press conference not its Surface spec sheets mentioned anything about cellular connectivity, so there’s a good chance that this rumor is indeed true. On top of that, it’s common for tablet PCs to launch without cellular connectivity and then add it down the line.

As someone who lives in a small town with a serious lack of Wi-Fi, I hope that Microsoft doesn’t wait too long to release a cellular model. If and when I do end up forking over the cash for a Surface Tablet, I’d love to be able to take it someplace other than the library or my local Safeway.

Of course, we still don’t have a release date for the Surface Tablet, so there’s absolutely no telling when we can expect an LTE model.

via The Verge

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