There are all sorts of fun gadgets and toys on display at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014. Getting off of the trade show floor, we went to a special overclocking event hosted by Kingston Technology to see what they had up their mobile sleeves. They weren’t brand new products, per se, but Kingston did have a couple of updated products to show us, including the new Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

The old MobileLite Wireless provided you with an SD card slot and a USB port where you could plug in your portable storage of choice. From there, you could share the contents of your memory card or flash drive via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, tablet or other WiFi-enabled device. The upgraded version of the Kingston MobileLite Wireless builds on that by not only giving you a beefier battery, but now there’s an Ethernet networking port on board too. If you plug in a regular network cable into that port, the MobileLite Wireless then effectively becomes a portable router, sharing that Internet connection via Wi-Fi to your various devices. This is great for travel.


You might also remember when Kingston showed us their DataTraveler microDUO OTG drive at CES earlier this year. This flash drive takes advantage of the OTG standard, connecting to your computer via a standard USB plug and to your mobile device via microUSB. That was just USB 2.0, but the new version will boast USB 3.0 for even faster data transfers. This doesn’t help on the mobile side, but it certainly helps on the PC side.

Check out the video below for a closer look at both the new MobileLite Wireless and the new DataTraveler microDUO with USB 3.0. Check out the rest of our COMPUTEX 2014 video coverage for more fun toys from Taipei.

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