What do you get when you combine our neverending quest to relive the past with today’s increasingly amazing technology? You get something infinitely charming, astoundingly pointless, and just the coolest damn party trick ever.

A Redditor by the name of Abhishek Singh, inspired by the idea of the Polaroid OneStep camera, has created a camera that can print out GIFs that you can hold in your hand. Singh built the camera from scratch using 3D printed parts and multiple Raspberry Pi computers, and it does exactly what he wanted it do: prints out a Polaroid-sized LCD that plays a looping GIF of whatever you recorded.

It took him a month to do it, but Singh thinks that now that he’s got all the kinks worked out, he could build the camera in half the time. If you want to build it yourself, Singh documented the entire process in an imgur album and all the code he used is on GitHub.

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