You have to admire dedication in all forms. Sure, sometimes you also have to get someone professional help, but the admiration is still there. James Price loves flight simulators a whole heck of a lot more than you do, so he spent twenty years of his life building the ultimate flight simulator inside the nose of a real Boeing 737. He started building full-sized model cockpits out of wood in the spare room of his house, but soon started adding on authentic parts. Then, in 2000, he found the nose of the plane in an Oklahoma boneyard.

Price estimates that he’s spent roughly $150K on the cockpit, which you can use to “fly” to pretty much any airport in the world. Not only is the entire world covered in terrain, but there’s even a real-time weather system that pulls the weather off of the internet.

This is all amazing, but you know what really took me by surprise? Twenty years ago was only 1992. Wow.

via The Verge

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