The cloud is wonderful. It’s magical and convenient and painless, but it still requires an Internet connection. Even in 2016, an Internet connection is not a sure thing, especially if you’re out and about and not getting stellar cell service. Those are the sorts of situations where Leef thinks the iBridge3 would excel.

The iBridge3 is a storage space solution for the iPhone and iPad. It plugs into the device (and wraps around the back for convenient carrying) and it is a fast, secure, and easy-to-use way to back up your photos, videos, or whatever without needing an Internet connection. It’s designed to free you from those moments where you have to clear up space in a pinch and end up having to delete something you’d really rather not delete. You can also take pictures and video straight to the iBridge3, and it automatically backs up your data when you do have a connection.

Leef is also busting out the iAccess iOS microSD Reader which allows you to show off microSD card content without having to copy it to a device, again saving you storage space. Leef is really all about storage space, which none of us ever have enough of.

The iBridge3 will be available in Canada in sizes ranging from 16GB all the way to 256GB, for prices ranging from $79.99 to $229.99. The iAccess is available now for $69.99. Check out the full press release for even more information.

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Have you ever run out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad while trying to take a photo or download a movie or app? Leef feels your pain, and today is launching the iBridge3 external iOS memory drive so you no longer have to frantically go through your treasured apps and photos trying to figure out what you can delete to free up more space. iBridge3 is fast, secure, easy to use and wraps easily behind your iPhone or iPad, even if you’re using a case.

With iBridge3, you can:

· Quickly move and share photos, movies, and documents off your iPhone or iPad to free up space

· Automatically backup content and contacts so you never lose your essential data

· Shoot photos and videos directly to iBridge3 so you never miss the moment

· Integrate directly to your cloud drive: easily transfer files between iBridge3 and Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and iCloud

· Easily create an external library of your media for quick access without taking up space on your iPhone or iPad. NOTE: Apple does not allow iTunes DRM video files to be played on external apps

· Secure all your files, fast and easily: create a passcode or use Touch ID with LeefLock to ensure all your content is protected, even if your drive is lost or stolen

And Leef has sports camera enthusiasts, videographers and drone photography lovers covered too: the iAccess iOS microSD Reader enables users to view and share content from their microSD memory cards on the go.

With iAccess, you can:
· Enjoy your entire movie or music library without having to take up space on your iOS device

· Copy GoPro videos to your camera roll for editing on your phone

Suffice to say, if you own an iPhone or iPad, you’re going to want to try the iBridge3, and if you’re a camera enthusiast, you’ll love the iAccess too. The iBridge3 will be available across Canada in sizes from 16GB to 256GB, at an MSRP of $79.99 to $229.99. The iAccess is currently available at an MRSP of $69.99.


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