Thank the maker for an absolute lack of security on the Internet. The rumor mill is beginning anew with the upcoming Nexus 5 thanks to what could be a leaked picture of that very phone. Despite speculation that LG wouldn’t be the manufacturer this time around, a big fat “LG” logo on the back of the case seems to hint otherwise.

The leaked phone bears the description “Nxs5” and if that stands for anything other than Nexus 5, I have no idea what it could be. Keep in mind that absolutely zero details have been leaked. However, considering the Nexus 4 was very similar to last year’s Optimus G in terms of specifications, it stands to reason that the Nexus 5 could be similar to the recently announced LG G2 smartphone.

The leaked photo suggests that the back panel of the phone might be removable and made of polycarbonate. Neither revelation is Earth-shattering, but the polycarbonate could mean a more durable phone and the removable back probably means a removable battery.

Stay tuned!

via New Launches and Techtastic

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