I don’t have any tattoos. I’m not opposed to getting one, and I go through phases where I really want one, but I’m the kind of person that would get stuck trying to find the perfect tattoo and then eventually just chickening out. There are no perfect tattoos, but these tats from Chaotic Moon are pretty damn cool.

They’re called Tech Tats and they’re stick-on tattoos that contain electronic computers, like a microcontroller and LED lights. They can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperautre, and even your stress levels, and they transmit the data through electroconductive paint.

Of course, Chatoic Moon CEO Ben Lamm has plenty of ideas for future applications, like keeping track of small children (kids love tattoos!), making mobile payments, and even monitoring soldiers.

Tech Tats are only in the prototype stage right now, and Chaotic Moon isn’t the only company working on functional tattoos. Hopefully someone will bring something to market soon because I need future ink.

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