What can you do to make a dashcam more exciting? You can add a second camera to look out the back of your car. You can integrate it into your rearview mirror. You can get it to record the inside of your car too. Or, you can do what the KENWOOD DRV-N520 does and take advantage of the much bigger screen in the middle of your vehicle’s dashboard.

The fundamental utility of the DRV-520 is like practically every other dashcam that you’ve seen. It constantly records video of everything that is happening in front of your car and it comes with additional features like collision avoidance and impact detection. It records all of this onto a removable 8GB SD card. No surprises there.

Where the DRV-N520 differs is that it is not meant to operate as a standalone device. Instead, it pairs with your KENWOOD DMX7704S double-DIN media receiver. That’s the thing you’d use for playing music, getting turn-by-turn navigation, and managing your Bluetooth hands-free phone calls. By taking advantage of this bigger screen, it’s much easier to adjust the settings on your dashcam, adjust the display duration and so on.

The KENWOOD DRV-N520 has an MSRP of $200.

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KENWOOD Unveils Combo Camera for Recording, Collision Avoidance

DRV-N520 integrates with new multimedia receiver for immersive control and camera view

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD is introducing its second dash camera at the 2017 CES. Joining the standalone, monitor-equipped DRV-410 is the DRV-N520, a smaller version that is intended to pair with the company’s new mech-less DMX7704S multimedia receiver.

“The DRV-410 surpassed our expectations in terms of its acceptance in the marketplace,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. “Despite the plethora of inexpensive models on the market, many customers preferred the superior image quality and reliable operation of our unit. We’re very happy to pair these same features with an even better user experience in the DRV-N520.”

The DRV-N520 features a high-resolution, wide-angle camera that records a three-megapixel (photo quality) image. Its small footprint minimizes window blockage, and recordings are stored on a removable eight-gigabyte SD card. In addition to its recording capabilities, the camera also measures distance and velocity between it and cars or obstacles in its view. Based on circumstances, it can trigger a collision warning to the driver if it senses an imminent impact, or notify the driver in stopped traffic if the vehicle in front of it has started moving.

As the DRV-N520 is not a standalone dash camera, its control, notifications and camera view are processed on the connected DMX7704S receiver. By using the in-dash touch screen, users can change recording modes, turn collision warning and delay departure notifications on or off, and set the camera display duration. Notifications are displayed on the screen as well.

Like the DRV-410, the DRV-N520 includes an internal G sensor to detect impact, and can be set to begin recording if the vehicle is struck while parked or otherwise unoccupied. All recordings can be played back through the DMX7704S touch screen.

The suggested retail price of the DRV-N520, like the DRV-410, is $200. For more information, visit www.kenwood.com/usa.

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