If you’re an iPhone user who’s on the go so much that you’re constantly depleting your battery, the BakPak might be the solution for you. No, I didn’t just misspell backpack, the BakPak is a new slimline power pack for the iPhone from Just Mobile, some folks who know a thing or two about Apple accessories.

The BakPak can be charged using a built-in USB cable, and when it’s fully charged it packs enough juice to completely refill your iPhone. It’s equipped with adjustable rubber bindings so that you can snugly secure it to your phone, regardless of what model you use.

The BakPak is available now for $59.95.

Just Mobile is also bringing the AluCable LED to CES 2015. They refer to the AluCable as the “enlightened lightning cable” because it lets you know when your mobile device is fully charged using different colored lights. It’s available in black and grey or white and gold.

The AluCable LED is also available now for $24.96.

Check out the press release for the BakPak below.

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The slimline power pack for iPhone

Just Mobile BakPak is lightweight backup battery for iPhone. Charge it up using the built-in USB cable and the BakPak will have enough power to completely refill your iPhone. Just strap on the rubber bindings and plug in the built-in Lightning cable.

Available in a range of colors, with adjustable bindings to fit a variety of iPhones, Just Mobile BakPak is the most stylish and convenient way to stay charged up even on your most epic days.

High-quality 3000mAh Li-Polymer cell
5V/1A output
Built-in Lightning cable
Built-in USB cable
LED charge indicator
Compatible with iPhone with Lightning connector


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