After Qualcomm won the bid over NVIDIA to use their own processor in the new Nexus 7, and then Asus decided against using the Tegra 4 in their Fonepad, it wasn’t clear what NVIDIA were going to do next. Now it looks like they’re interested in producing more of their own hardware and entering the tablet market.

According to multiple Chinese gadget sites, there seems to be a new tablet out in the wild going by the name of the Tegra Tab. It seems to be a 7-inch tablet with a design similar to the Asus devices, but featuring a stylus slot and micro-HDMI port; the Nexus 7 devices lack both. The speculation from the gadget sites is that the tablet is being built by Shenzhen Homecare Technology, who coincidentally just announced that they’re building a Tegra 4 tablet with a stylus, and the pictures look a lot like the leaked pictures of the Tegra Tab. Additionally, Nvidia filed a trademark in the United States earlier this year for the name “Tegra Tab.”

We can continue to speculate, but it seems pretty cut and dry to me. This looks like a natural progression from the recently released NVIDIA SHIELD, don’t you think?


via The Verge

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