Piracy has always been a divisive issue and it’s not uncommon for a creator to take pleasure in his or her content being pirated online. People like Notch, the developer behind the wildly popular Minecraft, sees the benefit in piracy increasing his game’s exposure. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes recently weighed in on the rampant piracy of Time Warner subsidiary HBO’s Game of Thrones, calling it “better than an Emmy.”

Bewkes thinks that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world and he may be right about that, but instead of lamenting the lack of profit, he appreciates what he refers to as a “tremendous word-of-mouth” thing.

Bewkes went on to say that if people were downloading the show in lieu of subscribing to the network, then it might be a problem, but he seems to feel that those pirating the show weren’t potential subscribers in the first place. He maintains that as Game of Thrones continues to strengthen HBO’s brand, it’s well worth it.

via The Verge

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